Mysterious Vegan


MVA is a high-quality ape collection with 800 supplies.

MVA which is a passionate fan of MV tries to stop the world's cruelty through his power by being the second member of MV studio. The delicate eight fingers that he has will add a pleasing taste to his music.


MVA had to suffer from a horrible traumatic situation as a laboratory animal in his childhood. Humans experimented on him to make MVA as similar as possible to a human being. All the body experiments he had to endure have resulted in turning him into a zombie. But he overcame his traumas by learning a new language and playing with all genres of music. He listened to MV’s music non-stop and was touched by what MV was doing for the world. He finally had the determination to leave his laboratory animal life behind and resurrect as the second member of MV studio. His delicate eight fingers will touch the world as his warming heart surrounds the world.


MVA (which is our MV GEN2 collection) was made to give rewards to GEN1 holders and at the same time, to engage more new comers to our MV ecosystem conveniently.



⚡️ MV (Gen1) = Qualifications to get profit distributed

⚡️ MV APE (Gen2) = Citizen role (Ticket to our metaverse)
⚡️ 1 x MV + 3 x APE = MV STUDIO airdrop


Get real estate and make your own creative world in our MV metaverse!

Enjoy your aesthetic experiences on MVA and make a world of your own.

Metaverse property provides great deal of selections to make your own stunning world. The choice is up to you to create your own space with the designs of your own with digital assets or having a fully furbished property!

You can rent your Asset to creators, builders, or game developers. By doing this, it will give them permission to run their own events or party through your property. You will get $MTV tokens in return.


Chill out whenever, wherever with whoever you wanna be with here on MV metaverse!