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  A genius artist, Mysterious Vegan — a.k.a. MV—tries to stop the world's cruelty through the artistic talent.  MV eats vegan food and pursues vegan fashion. MV also tries to announce MV’s own nouvelle vague to the world with his tremendous music. For the first move, MV decided to show oneself to the world to empower the new wave.

  Mysterious Vegan is our Genesis collection with 938 limited NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The incredible art of the Mysterious Vegan sets a higher quality standard for generative NFTs. MV is a key qualification requirement to participate in our ecosystem.

 MV will create values with our world's best artists. Throughout these profits, we will perpetuate our ecosystem, donate for animal protection, and support young artists to broaden their path to advance ourselves.


Are You Ready?

  1. One NFT per 5 MVs will be airdropped after the release of next upcoming projects.

  2. Get a share of MV's D2A profits at Roblox

  3. Part of royalty will be shared

Privileges of Genesis Collection Holders


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